Introduction to Pythia.

What is Pythia?

Pythia is a crypto expert marketplace powered by a reputation platform.

Pythia's goal is to identify and empower true expertise in the crypto content creator and influencer space. In doing so, Pythia will improve the health of the overall crypto ecosystem and facilitating the onboarding of the next billion users.

Why Pythia?

Content creators and influencers are essential to the mass adoption of crypto. They are the middlemen conveying to the masses what the latest industry developments in plain language.

However, as things stand today, the crypto industry is infested scammers, shills, get quick rich scheme purveyors. How many times have you seen a content creator shill a project, provide directional alpha only then for the former to hit zero levels and for the latter to be completely useless and more often than not harmful?

The proliferation of fake expertise, in turn, poses a grave threat to the crypto industry. Shills, scammers, and other fake experts undermine investor confidence, turn the public against the industry and, ultimately, make government crackdowns on crypto more likely.

Wat do?

How Pythia addresses the fake crypto expert problem (spoiler: prediction markets)

Pythia has recognized a clear demand for a reputation standard to filter our the bad elements among crypto content creators and, more importantly, empower content creators that understand what they are talking about.

Unfortunately, there exists no deterministic way to tell if a content creator/influencer has actual expertise or not, let alone in such a broad, cross-disciplinary area as crypto.

Nevertheless, on-chain prediction markets allow us to separate expert crypto content creators from shills and scammers with a high degree of accuracy. This is because prediction markets pretty closely approximate the nature of the crypto content creator/influencer's work, namely to supply alpha about new projects/coins and make directional predictions about the market. In other words, crypto influencers won't be engaging in a new type of activity of Pythia, only now they will be earning tokenized reputation for each correct prediction.

On-chain prediction markets also have the advantages of greater transparency and objectivity compared to alternative methods like measuring engagement (engagement can easily be faked). Finally, on-chain prediction markets are very simple to understand. It is a pretty well-known concept in the crypto community and getting ranked based one's prediction accuracy also appears very natural.

Who benefits?

That said, prediction markets are merely a means to an end for Pythia, with the end being a platform that would empower true expertise and leverage it to the benefit of the entire ecosystem.

More specifically, Pythia will benefit the following participants of the crypto ecosystem:

  1. Crypto content creators or influencers:

  • Predict industry and market trends in our prediction markets

  • Build an immutable track record proving one's competency at predicting crypto trends

  • Monetize that track record by being connected to top Web3 and Web2 projects

  1. Web3/Web3 projects:

  • Receive exclusive access to validated crypto experts to accelerate their growth and facilitate the onboarding of new users.

  1. Retail:

  • Get actionable analytics and metrics on content creators' predictive power to make finding the relevant person to follow and ask for advice as fast

Pythia App.

The Pythia app is live on Arbitrum. Our platform can be accessed here: https://www.pythia.company/.

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